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Pay per click, commonly called PPC, is one of the widely used forms of digital marketing methods used by businesses worldwide. By deploying it effectively in your site, it is possible to drive targeted visitors to the web pages. It is a tried and tested web promotional weapon in which the advertiser pays the website owner each time the visitors click the ads.

DigiWebPlanet is a Delhi based digital marketing service provider offering cutting edge pay per click advertising services for the clients. We understand the business needs, and target audience of each client is different, and so we tweak our ppc management services accordingly. After trying our PPC package, you will experience perceptible changes in traffic and ROI.

PPC Advertising

Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising

Before you choose our PPC advertising package, it is necessary that you learn about the significant benefits of deploying PPC services. These are:

  • Results without delay- If you want quick results in conversion and targeted traffic enhancement PPC is the way to go! You do not have to wait for long after deploying PPC tactics on the brand website.
  • No overspending- In PPC, the risk of overspending is not there. Only when a visitor clicks on the ads, you ache to pay an amount.
  • Finding the target audience- The ppc advertising packages are ideal when you want to identify and woo the target visitors for your website. It attracts the right audience overriding factors like language, location and devices used.
  • Enhanced conversion rate- After deploying PPC services, you can expect a significant hike in conversion rate. The right strategies and campaign tweaking lead to higher conversion.
  • New markets- After using PPC marketing methods, your brand gets customers from new and hitherto unexplored markets. This acts as a business growth catalyst!
  • Better control- With PPC, it becomes easier to have control over the paid advertising campaigns. Your campaigns can be tweaked and made more flexible.

  • How does Pay Per Click Advertising work?

    How does Pay Per Click Advertising work?

    Pay Per Click Advertising is a cost-efficient, yet great digital advertising method businesses resort to. It is used a lot on advertising platforms such as Google AdWords and social media platforms like Facebook. In this web advertising model, the advertisers display ads for services and products sold by them.

    Advertisers are charged when the users click on their ads. Google and similar search engines use a process called Ad Auction to decide the validity and relevance of advertisements that are displayed on the Search Engine Results Pages. The cost per click can vary on several factors. These include the target audience, keyword competitiveness, and relevance of the ad.

    Our PPC Services

  • Search Advertising- Search advertising is among the vital ad channels. At DigiWebPlanet we use terms like Paid Search, PPC, SEM for it. Search advertising campaigns help boost the leads and revenue for your venture.
  • Display Advertising- Display advertising is the process used to display ads outside of search engine results. It can be in forms of video, image and text. Through display advertising, enhancing the efficacy of other online marketing activities is possible. As one of the top PPC services India, we ensure your ads reach the targeted audience and websites.
  • Social Media Advertising-With, a majority of your target customers using social media platforms every day, using Social Media Advertising, is ideal to reach out to them. We create and optimize ads for specific social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It leads to enhanced brand recognition and boosts in customer base.
  • Remarketing- Remarketing is an effective advertising technique being used by thousands of brands nowadays. It involves showing ads to those users who have browsed your company website previously. It is a soft persuasion mechanism that works on those users and ads stimulate their interest further. As a leading PPC company India we know how to use suitable “reminder” ads to suit search patterns and likings of target users.
  • Google Shopping Ads-The majority of your customers use Google online services and search. So, Google Shopping Ads are required for making campaigns and selling the services/products to the target buyers. We leverage the power of Google PLA Ads to let you place products at the top of online search results. Our expertise in PPC sector enables us to set up apt PLA Ads to ensure your ads reach the target buyers.
  • Mobile Advertising-With rise of Smartphone and availability of speedy internet service everywhere, using mobile advertising campaigns has become imperative for pay per click marketing agencies. Our mobile advertising packages are optimized to reach the target users without hassles.

  • Our Pay Per Click Management Services

    As one of the leading and reliable PPC services in Delhi, DigiWebPlanet offers powerful PPC management services. This ensures the PPC campaigns created for your venture to achieve their full potential.

  • Account Audit & Strategy- We audit the PPC accounts of clients and develop enhanced strategies to boost campaign performance.
  • Keyword Research with Competitor Analysis-We execute exhaustive keyword research and also perform competitor analysis to help your business outshine others.
  • AdCopy Writing with Optimization- We thoroughly Optimize your PPC campaigns and ensure enhanced ROI though usage of compelling ad copies and optimized landing pages.
  • Bid Optimization- We track ad performance continuously and optimize bids to ensure your campaign goals are met.
  • Campaign Management-We do the needful fine-tuning streamlining to expand, optimize and manage your PPC campaigns post creation.
  • Reporting & Analysis- We offer you extensive reporting and in-depth analysis of campaigns.

  • Choose The Right PPC Services Company

    PPC Services Company

    With several PPC services in Delhi offering their packages you may find it hard to zero in on the aptest one. Listed below are the reasons for which you should consider DigiWebPlanet over other options:

  • Transparent pricing for PPC packages without any hidden charge.
  • Monthly campaign performance tracking to assure you.
  • Convenient service contract, nothing to bind you for long.
  • A competent team comprising veteran Business Analysts, SEO Consultants, Digital Marketers and Web Designers.

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