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Mobile application development is a booming industry, and there are credible reasons for its growth and popularity. The innovation in mobile technology and Smartphones have changed the way we live, literally- over the years!

Would you like to give up the convenience of paying various bills, ordering foods online, booking movie tickets –all through a few taps using your mobile! More people use Smartphone apps over websites for fulfilling such online usage needs. That is why most companies are offering their online apps, including midsized ventures.

For your business app development, you need to find a suitable and reliable mobile app development company in Delhi. At DigiWebPlanet, we offer comprehensive mobile app development services for a multitude of clients.

Whether yours is a small, fast food joint or you want an app for your online garment store- we can do the needful! As a leading mobile application development company in Delhi NCR region, we are committed to offering well designed, functional mobile apps that do not skimp either on security or reliability.

Why Are Mobile Apps Important For Your Business?

Just like everywhere else in the world, Indian brands are also embracing mobile apps to cater to customer needs better. This is not limited to any specific sector, as it is. Indian customers have been using mobile apps for needs like banking, shopping, entertainment services, gaming, and travel booking and so on. If your business does not have a mobile app, it will not be accessible to a large chunk of target customers, eventually. This will lead to sluggish revenue growth and attaining optimum customer satisfaction will not be possible.

Listed below are the reasons why having a Mobile app for your business are essential:

  • Most of the people, including your target customers are multitasking and jostling for time. Using the app helps them save time and things can be accomplished way faster than what is possible using websites.
  • A mobile app is the ideal way to connect with the customers who are on the move most of the times, for professional and other reasons. Such customers will prefer using apps over brand websites for their lifestyle and schedules.
  • Usage of a mobile app helps enhance the visibility of the brand.
  • Using mobile apps help the brand connect with the customers better. Most of the times, marketing emails are ignored, but the target users read mobile push notifications.
  • When your brand has a mobile app, sending promotional offers and deals directly to the customers becomes easier. This helps in boosting sales significantly.
  • Using apps the customers can find out basic and vital information about the brand in a jiffy.

  • Now that you know the advantages of using a mobile app for your brand, you need to hire a professional and reliable mobile app development company in India. You cannot go wrong by choosing DigiWebPlanet in this regard.

    DigiWebPlanet is not like any other mobile application development company in Delhi and our clients vouch for the difference in app quality! We ensure each mobile app developed for any client is developed with a focus on aesthetic aspects and security. Our team of developers has long experience in the industry, and they ensure stringent testing is done to eliminate risks of bugs and hazards that can mar user experience.

    Before developing the apps, we obtain clear idea and inputs from the clients so that apps are made well suited for target users. We also do the necessary research on client industry and analyze rival brand apps. You can even count on us for app delivery within the deadline. As one of the leading mobile app developers in Delhi, we believe in sticking to commitments made to the clients.

    Mobile Application Development Services Offered At DigiWebPlanet

    As a top mobile application development company in Delhi NCR, we offer the following packages:

  • iOS App Development- Our team of expert developers creates stunning, feature-rich apps for use in iOS devices. With more Indian users opting for iOS devices, you cannot leave out the ecosystem.
  • Android App Development- The majority of Indian Smartphone users, use Android devices! We can create stunning and functional Android apps that run seamlessly on android devices running various versions of the popular OS.
  • Windows App Development- While Windows mobile users are not the majority- you cannot leave them out entirely. Our team of developers is well versed in Windows apps development, and they can create functional apps.
  • PhoneGap Cross Platform- We can offer Customized PhoneGap development for usage through various platforms. The cross-platform mobile apps made through Phone Gap framework to ensure clients can reach the maximum possible number of target users easily.
  • Hybrid App Development- Hybrid mobile applications enable you to cut app development cost yet cater to target user groups. It can also be time-saving. We can develop a versatile hybrid app for your venture.

  • Industries We Cater To

    As one of the topmost mobile application development India companies, we cater to the clients hailing from various industries.

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Banking
  • Travel
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Technology

  • Why Choose Us?

    When it comes to developing a Mobile app for your venture, you cannot just choose any of the mobile app development services India. At DigiWebPlanet, we understand the importance of developing mobile apps with a balance between usability, safety, and aesthetics. Our expert developers can create stunning, functional apps for clients- no matter how complex the needs are.

  • We offer cross-platform app development.
  • For any platform, we offer mobile app development packages at reasonable rates.
  • As a top mobile app development India company, we deliver projects on time.
  • You can count on us for support and maintenance after app creation.
  • You can expect complete confidentiality for your mobile app, and we adhere to NDA terms for all the clients.
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